Foreign Economic Activity Strategy

Our consultants, having experience in a wide range of industries, will draw up a strategy for entering foreign markets, select potential suppliers and customers, and also check the foreign counterparties for reliability.
● Development of foreign economic activity strategy. Determination of the main competitive advantages, selection of target areas for the development of foreign economic activity, formation of a roadmap for working with foreign contractors. 
● Comprehensive due diligence. 
● Selection of potential suppliers, buyers, investors. 
● Support in negotiating, determining the terms of cooperation. 
Logistics and GR

Having rich experience and well-established relationships with large logistics companies, our specialists will help build the transport and warehouse logistics of foreign economic activity. The presence of well-established business contacts in the certifying authorities will make it possible to issue documents for products required by the countries participating in the transaction.
● Selection of storage locations, transport solutions, negotiations with logistics companies in order to obtain the best conditions. 
● Documentary support of deliveries. 
● Support in the preparation of shipping, accounting and tax documents. 
● Arranging work with certifying structures and executive authorities in order to certify products and manufacturing enterprises. 
Financial and legal support of foreign trade operations
● Drafting and examination of legal documents. 
● Legal protection of the risks of foreign economic activity. 
● Building cash flow routes. We have the opportunity to use companies in the UAE and Cyprus. 
● Protection of receivables (bank guarantees, letters of credit, other financing mechanisms). 
● Support in customs procedures. 
● Accounting and tax consulting.