Export of poultry meat of the Russian production and trading company for the consumer in Saudi Arabia
50 tons of Russian-made chicken meat were delivered to the consumer of food products in Saudi Arabia. SIA Consulting carried out work on the development of the export direction for the Russian production and trading company: development of an export strategy, selection of contractors, operational support for the shipment of chicken meat products.
Reengineering of budgeting functions, cost control and cost calculation of a large chemical plant
A set of measures aimed at implementing 1C ERP Management of the holding was carried out at a large chemical plant, which is part of one of the leading financial and industrial groups in Russia. The functions of budgeting, cost control and calculation of the multi-transfer cost of finished products have been reengineered. During the project, a description of business processes As Is was formed, a register of changes was compiled and agreed with the customer, roadmaps of changes were defined, business processes To Be described, and support for the implementation of design solutions for the new information system was carried out.
Improving operational efficiency for the largest poultry meat producer
SIA Consulting took part in a large cross-functional consulting project aimed at improving the efficiency of one of the leading poultry meat producers. In its segment, the company occupies a leading position among all European and Russian manufacturers. The project resulted in the implementation of a set of initiatives aimed at improving operational efficiency, as well as creating a system of continuous improvements.
Lecture-talk "Application of GR practices in order to promote the interests of Russian business in the Middle East" at the HSE in Moscow
Pavel Pavlov gave a lecture where he said that the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are key areas for Russian business in the Middle East. The lecture outlined the main advantages of business development in the Middle East, as well as recommendations on the application of GR practices in the region.
Master class "Career trajectory in Finance" for St. Petersburg State University students
Pavel Pavlov participated in a master class for students of the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University "Career trajectory in Finance - the experience of graduates of the Faculty of Economics of St. Petersburg State University".
Article "Regional peculiarities of business application of GR-practises in the Leningrad region"
There was published an article on the use of GR-practices in the Leningrad region in the journal "Business. Society. Authority", created within the framework of the Scientific and Educational Laboratory of Research in the field of Business Communications with the support of the Department of Theory and Practice of Interaction between Business and Government and the Institute of Communication Management of the Higher School of Economics. Pavel Pavlov, with the participation of expert Valeria Vasilyeva, formed a list of recommendations on how to maximize effectiveness of GR-practices, taking into account the Leningrad Oblast Development Strategy until 2030.
Comment in the article "Touch the big" on the topic of Big Data in "Delovoy Peterburg"
The article raises the topic of using big data analysis in business processes of different companies. Pavel Pavlov shared what big data is, how large arrays of data can be effectively used in various areas of production and optimize the consumption of raw materials on the example of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical complex.
Article "How to open a business in Kazakhstan"
Kazakhstan is one of the main directions for placement of foreign investments by Russian companies. Among the advantages of this direction are a large market for goods and services, 19 million people live in the country; the similarity of the legal system with the Russian one; the prevalence of the Russian language in official document circulation and business communication; favorable geographical location at the intersection of trade routes between Russia and Central Asia; the country's membership in the EAEU; diverse natural resources and stable economic growth. In the December issue of the Financial Director reference system, Pavel Pavlov compiled a step-by-step roadmap for registering a company in Kazakhstan.
Article "How to prepare IFRS financial statements of a liquidated company"
The outgoing year was marked by a large-scale reduction in business between Russian and foreign companies. We are talking about both the withdrawal of foreign capital from Russian companies and the closure of foreign projects by Russian business. Often the rupture of international economic ties is accompanied by the need to compile liquidation reports. In the December issue of the journal "IFRS in Practice" Pavel Pavlov outlined how to form IFRS-reporting in a situation where the going concern basis is not applicable.
Article "How to plan the tax burden for the next year"
November is the period of formation of budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. One of the budgets that is in the focus of the financial service is the tax budget. Russian tax practice provides a wide range of tools for planning and optimizing the tax burden. In the reference system "Financial Director" Pavel Pavlov published presentations with the most effective methods of optimizing four key tax payments of Russian companies: income tax, VAT, property tax, social insurance contributions.
Article "Five M&A life hacks for a CFO"
Moscow Business School is one of the leading business schools in Russia engaged in advanced training of students in strategic, financial and risk management. At the request of the students of the school, Pavel Pavlov in the article shared his experience in implementing M&A transactions in the position of CFO. Main issues: financial analysis of the purchased business; CFO behavior models; synchronization of financial, accounting and IT systems when integrating the purchased business; structuring of accounts receivable and accounts payable.
Practical case "Opened a "daughter" in Turkey"
The Financial Director Reference system is a convenient modern educational platform for current financial directors and employees of financial departments. The reference system is managed by the Aktion Publishing House, Russia's leading publishing house that publishes magazines for professionals in the field of economics and finance. In the October issue, Pavel Pavlov shared his experience in organizing work with suppliers from the EU with the help of subsidiaries in the UAE and Turkey.
Article "How to generate the cost of construction and installation works according to IFRS"
In the October issue of the journal "IFRS in Practice" Pavel Pavlov, together with the teacher of Gazprom Corporate Institute Henrietta Soboleva, described the features of the formation of the cost of construction works in the accounting of the contractor. The article reveals the following issues: the capitalization of the contractor's costs before the conclusion of the contract with the customer, the frequency of reflection of revenue and expenses under contract agreements, determining the degree of completion of construction, accounting for unprofitable projects.
Webinar "How to reflect the cost in key industries according to IFRS"
More than 100 listeners were the audience of Pavel Pavlov's webinar on the topic "How to reflect the cost in key industries according to IFRS", held on September 21. The webinar, held jointly with the project "Financial Director Live" and the magazine "IFRS in practice", is devoted to the reflection of the cost of finished products of a manufacturing enterprise, the cost of construction and installation works in the accounting of a contractor and the accounting of the cost of mining.
Article "How to form the cost of finished products in mass production in IFRS"
In the September issue of the journal "IFRS in Practice", Pavel Pavlov, with the participation of expert Valeria Vasilyeva, described how to correctly and competently reflect the cost of finished products according to IFRS on the example of mass production.
Training "Digitalization of holdings: how to manage and control business in a group of companies"
On August 15, Pavel Pavlov held a training at the Moscow Business School on the topic: "Digitalization of holdings: how to manage and control business in a group of companies." The students are employees of the IT Department of a large holding company engaged in the production of electrical equipment and construction at mining facilities.

Article "How to reflect the costs of exploration and extraction of minerals according to IFRS"
In the August issue of the journal "IFRS in Practice", Pavel Pavlov named a separate standard in the mining industry and described the procedure for the formation of international reporting of a mining enterprise, taking into account the experience of industry experts.
Training "Strategic management of a company with the construction of a reliable risk management system" at Moscow Business School
On July 11-14, Pavel Pavlov's training was held at the Moscow Business School on the topic of Strategic Management and Risk Management. The training was attended by senior management staff of large companies in the field of metallurgy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, IT and other industries. Thanks to the possibility of an online format, participants from Moscow, Samara, Tomsk, Norilsk and other cities joined the training.
Article "10 ways to optimize the costs of preparing and auditing IFRS financial statements"
In the July issue of the journal "IFRS in Practice", Pavel Pavlov, with the participation of experts Valeria Vasilyeva and Evgenia Chernykh, proposed 10 ways to optimize the costs of auditing IFRS statements.
Webinar "Economic approach to defense in tax criminal cases" at the "Statute" School of Law
On May 13, a webinar was held at the "Statute" Law School on the selection of the right defensive tactics regarding tax criminal cases from the economic point of view.
Seminar "Tax affairs: an economic approach to legal protection"
The seminar, hold by Pavel Pavlov at the Institute of Advocacy of St. Petersburg, is aimed at developing a comprehensive economic and legal approach to defense in tax criminal cases.
Article "How to calculate KPIs for employees of the IFRS department" in the journal "IFRS in practice"
In the February issue of the journal "IFRS in Practice", Pavel Pavlov suggested how to evaluate personnel, as well as develop from scratch a motivation system, including non-material element, for employees of the IFRS department, depending on their competencies.
Article "How to create and develop an IFRS department in a company" in the journal "IFRS in Practice"
In the latest issue of the electronic journal "IFRS in Practice" Pavel Pavlov shared a step-by-step algorithm for creating an international reporting department in the company. And Victoria Golubtsova, advisor to the president of the Group of Agricultural Enterprises "Resource", shared her personal experience in selecting employees for this department.
Course of lectures "Evaluation of the effectiveness of an investment project" at the "European Institute of Education and Recruiting", St. Petersburg
В рамках консалтингового договора проведен курс из пяти лекций по оценке инвестирования для слушателей престижного центра повышения квалификации в Санкт-Петербурге. Within the framework of the consulting agreement, a course of five lectures on investment assessment was held for students of the prestigious center for advanced training in St. Petersburg.
Webinar "Use of accounting documents to prove illegal actions of management and compensation of losses" at the "Statute" School of Law
30 people made up the audience of the webinar on asset protection and damage compensation at the Moscow school of Law "Statute".
Webinar "Business Intelligence for financiers: from big data to big results. Advanced training" at Moscow Business School
On July 5, a webinar on Business Intelligence for financiers was held at Moscow Business School: improving the efficiency of management accounting and budgeting using BI. A full course with the study of advanced techniques - in September!
Training "Best controlling practices" at Moscow Business School
On June 21-23, Pavel Pavlov hold the training on Controlling at the Moscow Business School. The listeners are managers and employees of controlling departments of large Russian and European companies.
Seminar "How to confirm losses: Navigating through the company's financial documents"
35 people made up the audience of Pavel Pavlov's seminar on June 16 at the Institute of Advocacy of St. Petersburg. The training for lawyers and advocates is aimed at improving skills in the use of financial documents for the purpose of recovery of losses and protection of assets.
Service agreement with the First BIT
This Russia has signed a service agreement with the First BIT to provide our customers with round-the-clock access to 1C from anywhere in the world using a cloud service. The first BIT is the largest franchisor of 1C, the company employs more than 5,000 specialists, including an office in Dubai.